We are located in the Los Libertadores Avenue of the Chaco Beach of the District of Paracas, Pisco, PERU. It is the main avenue of the district.

Paracas Backpackers' House

Avenida Los Libertadores, Paracas


In Paracas have opened other accommodations with our name Backpackers House. Try to locate us with the name "Paracas Backpackers' House". You may find some people who will try to convince you to take you to these places. Be very careful, since these people work for these accommodations. We are located in front of the restaurant "El Chorito".


To Paracas arrive the transport companies OLTURSA and CRUZ DEL SUR (approximately S / .60.00) and PERU BUS (approximately S / .45.00). You can also get to Paracas at a lower cost, but in more time, with the SOYUZ or FLORES agencies (approximately S / .25.00), they leave their passengers at the entrance junction to Pisco. From there you have two alternatives; take a taxi to Paracas (cost about S /. 20.00), or take a collective taxi to Pisco (S / .1.50 per person). Then, close to the market, take another collective taxi to Paracas (S / 3.00 per person).


(Ica, Nazca, Cusco or Arequipa): Also arriving to Paracas OLTURSA, CRUZ DEL SUR and PERU BUS, varying prices according to the city of origin. Alternatives are other transport companies (CIVA, CIAL, PLUMA, PALOMINO, WARI, FLORES, ORMEÑO and SOYUZ) that do not enter Paracas, whose prices are cheaper but leave their passengers at the entrance junction to Pisco. From there to Paracas the options are the same as coming from Lima.